A PDO thread lift is a well established alternative to a full surgical procedure.  
Unfortunatly as we age, our skin becomes thinner, it looses elasticity, and we loose supporting fat pads and collagen, producing wrinkles and sagging skin.  
While good skin care (including avoiding sun damage and smoking) can slow this process, aesthetic treatments aim to prevent and reduce wrinkles, and restore volume.  
PDO thread lift (Cogs) is the one treatment where sagging skin is physically lifted (up to 1cm lift is usually quoted), with collagen formation around the threads producing a long lasting lift (12 to 18 months) once the threads dissolve. 
Whilst many clients consider this in their 50's when their jowls are pronounced, it has equally of benefit earlier when marionette lines start to develop. 
Its not just the lift that clients notice, collagen formation improves skin texture and reverses some of the ageing processes mentioned. 
Detailed information is avaliable on the page of our website. We would offer an initial consultation. The procedure itself takes around an hour and is performed quite comfortably under local anaesthetic. It can be uncomfortable for a few days (so we would recommend a couple of days off work), and bruising is to be expected although this can be covered up with make up after 24 hours. Follow up usually after a week. 
Feel free to contact us for a consultation 
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