A threadlift is a minor surgical procedure, so you will be given a full consultation beforehand, and encouraged to ask as many questions as you want before you attend for the procedure itself. 
Compared to a surgical facelift a threadlift has low invasiveness, minimal complications, and relatively mild discomfort. You should still however consider taking 2 to 3 days off work, and painkillers such as paracetomol or codeine may be required (particularly for the first couple of nights.) 
Dr Gower will supply and provide an antibiotic (Azithromycin) for the day of the procedure, then two doses afterwards. 
The procedure is performed with local anaesthetic and takes around an hour, although a large proportion of that time is preparation. 
You can expect an immediate lifting effect due to the threads. 
The lifting effect is achieved by the tiny multidirectional barbs on the Threads which fix and support the skin tissue. (1 cm of lift is a reasonable expectation) 
In addition, the trauma caused, and presence of PDO threads stimulates the healing process, and subsequent synthesis of collagen and elastin. 
In addition to inserting the threads Dr Gower will take some of your blood initially and use the platelet rich plasma component whilst inserting the threads. This results in less initial trauma and bruising, but additional stimulus to the healing process. 
We use Honey Derma, or Intravita threads. The Cogs have multidirectional barbs which fix and support the skin tissue in various directions and are excellent for non-surgical face and neck lift treatments. 
Whilst the procedure is suitable for all ages, the younger you are the better your healing response will be, so the better the long-term results. 
What can be treated? 
Loose facial skin 
Eye area 
Deep creases and folds 
Downturned mouth 
Smoker’s lines 
Body areas e.g. abdomen, arms 
Lowering of eyebrows 
Benefits of PDO Thread Lift 
Naturally improves skin elasticity and texture 
Reduces wrinkles 
Brightens skin tone 
Produces more defined facial contours 
Rejuvenating and lifting effect 
Redefines facial features 
Addresses sagging/loose skin 
Find out what to expect afterwards here 
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