Just like having a blood test at your GP surgery, Dr Gower takes a small amount of blood, and using a spinning procedure, separates out the yellow plasma. This contains stem cells and rejuvenating properties to make your skin glow, increasing your own natural collagen. 
This substance can also be used with a derma roller or micro-needling to penetrate the plasma into the skin. Celebrity fans who love this facial include Kim Kardashian and Ferne McCanne. 

PRP following hair transplant 

A course of PRP treatments is recommended by hair transplant surgeons following hair transplant. 
PRP injections improve the 'take' rate of implanted follicles and stimulate hair growth.  
Topical anaesthesia is used, and three treatments a month apart are recommended. 
The prp facial can also be used to reduce the appearance of: 
Acne pock marks 
Fine lines and sagging skin on the neck and decolletage 
PRP is also known to respond well in the treatment of hair loss. 
Clients with any type of bleeding disorder, clotting problem or, if your platelets are low (thrombocytopenia), you may not be a candidate for this treatment. This will be determined during a thorough consultation with Dr Gower. 
For aftercare, avoid applying heavy make-up, lotions or face creams for at least six hours following the treatment. It is also good practice to avoid vigorous exercise and exposure to sun beds or the sun for at least three days. 
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