‘Smoker’s’ lines can develop above the upper lip, this does not just affect smokers. When these track into the upper lip line, it can become very noticeable and cause lipstick 'bleed'. 
Botulinum toxin can reduce lines if there is excessive muscle movement. Although very fine fillers usually produce the best results in this area. With a degree of lip augmentation dermal fillers can be used to plump-up and fill-out the lip line. As the vermilion border recedes with age, carefully applied lip filler can again restore a more youthful appearance without appearing unnatural. 
Dermal filler treatments at Look Natural Aesthetics use the Belotero range of products for lips. This creates a full, yet natural lip which lasts well. Unlike many beauty therapists or nurses who perform this treatment, we are able to offer a “dental block” to numb the lips. 
Extra fat which develops in the lower face, can make the chin sag. This can be approached in a number of ways, one treatment is Aqualyx, a solution derived from plants that breaks up fat cells. which are then excreted. Used in Europe for a number of years, it has only recently become available in the U.K. 
Dr Gower injects Aqualyx into the fatty tissue around the jawline and under the chin, but this can also be used in other parts of the body. 
Aqualyx dissolves fat cells, destroying them permanently. Normally a course of treatment will be required, but used in conjunction with fillers, a youthful jawline can be restored. 
The Nefertiti chin lift uses Botulinum toxin to weaken one of the neck muscles (platysma). This muscle tends to depress the skin over the jaw, although a jaw line like Nefertiti’s is not guaranteed! 
Treatment prices for fillers and Aqualyx start from £225
All of our treatments require a thorough consultation with Dr Gower who will confirm the price at this time. 

For a free consultation at our clinic in East Yorkshire please call us on 01482 861439 Or email simon@looknaturalaesthetics.co.uk or zoe@looknaturalaesthetics.co.uk 

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