Within the forehead hundreds of tiny muscles control natural facial expressions. Repeated muscle contractions can cause the development of unwanted lines and wrinkles. 
Horizontal lines across the forehead start to become visible at rest, and glabellar (frown lines) appear between the eyebrows. Crows feet can also develop next to the eyes. 
The easiest way to prevent these is with treatments using ‘Botox’ or Botulinum Toxin. 
Used on the upper face, Botulinum Toxin softens wrinkles and helps smooth out the skin. Used properly, it still allows some movement for a more natural appearance. It is possible with higher doses to achieve a ‘frozen’ look but for most people this is not usually desirable. 
Bocouture is the brand of ‘Botox’ used at Look Natural Aesthetics. It is the first neurotoxin treatment to be approved by European regulatory authorities to treat areas of the upper face. Botulinum Toxin is a prescription medicine which can only be prescribed after a consultation by a qualified medical professional. 
If lines become too developed (particularly frown lines) then hyaluronic acid filler is the best way to smooth them out. Fillers add support to the underlying tissues and may well be used in conjunction with Botulinum Toxin to prevent reoccurrence. 

For a free consultation at our clinic in East Yorkshire please call us on 01482 861439 Or email simon@looknaturalaesthetics.co.uk or zoe@looknaturalaesthetics.co.uk 


Under the eyes the tear trough can become sunken as supporting fat loses volume and shifts downwards, making the eyes look tired. Dr Gower can use a fine filler in this area (usually Teosyal), to lift the contours and naturally plump the area. This procedure can make a huge difference to how you look and feel. 
Treatment prices for Botulinum toxin starts at £225 and fillers start from £245. 
All of our treatments require a thorough consultation with Dr Gower who will confirm the price at this time. 
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