This may be available after a thorough consultation, should it be prescribed by Dr Gower. 
Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections are primarily used for it’s ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. It can also be used to treat migraines, excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis), jaw clenching or teeth grinding, a habit which has been known to cause the masseter muscles of the face to enlarge causing a “chipmunk” appearance. 
Botulinum toxin has been used safely and routinely for many years in medicine to help treat muscular disorders, reduce spasms, prevent irritable bladder syndrome and it can also help a lazy eye. 
We use the brand of Botulinum Toxin called Bocouture, and aim to produce an absence of wrinkles at rest but still allowing some movement.  
We also prefer to mix the Bocouture with 'Torbac', that is saline with preservative, since this is far less painful that saline alone. (We can use plain saline by request)  
As botulinum toxin is a prescription medicine, it can only prescribed by a doctor or appropriately qualified nurse. 
As with all treatments, Dr Gower will perform a thorough consultation and may prescribe a course of treatment using Botulinum toxin. The effects of Botulinum toxin for this type of treatment can be expected to last up to three months initially. 
Most people who have regular traetments only require them every four to six months. 
Botulinum toxin injections are relatively safe when performed by an experienced doctor. Although possible side effects and complications to be aware of include: 
Swelling at the injection site is common but only lasts a couple of hours. 
Bruising is a possibility and can last up to two weeks, but is usually easily disguised using make-up. 
Headache or flu-like symptoms are uncommon but, can occur. 
A droopy eyelid or eyebrow can be the result of an injection too low on the forehead or if the injection sites are rubbed. For this reason you will be advised NOT TO; touch the sites or, apply make up, not to sleep on your face for four hours after the injections. 
A crooked smile is a possible complication of lower face Botulinum toxin injections. This is the main reason that Botulinum toxin is not commonly used on the lower face. 
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