The number of people injecting themselves with lip filler is increasing each year, and as numbers increase so do the complications. 
Good quality lip filler is an expensive product, and anyone with medical training and experience is going to charge for their time and expertise. Increasingly people are turning to the internet both for purchase of cheap filler and also for ‘how to do it’ videos such as those highlighted in this news report here. 
I was interviewed recently by ‘thats TV Humber’ after I had seen and treated a lady who had done exactly that and injected her her own lips with filler. 
Unfortunatly she had injected filler near the vein that drains the lip, and occluded it so that her lip became incredibly swollen and painful. 
There were a number of other potential diagnoses, such as infection or an allergic reaction to the product, as there was no garantee that it wasn’t a cheap copy of the branded filler she was expecting. 
A venous occlusion was the most likely diagnosis however, and fortunately this responded to hyalase injection and massage. If she hadn’t been brave enough to seek help and had waited much longer she could well have lost part of her lip. 
Take a look at the video on that’s tv humber here 
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